Echoes of the week’s political chatter

by Capitol Stuff

Highlights of the past week: no taxes, yes taxes; kids over cars; time to get over it; and finally, “we don’t care how they vote, we know better.”

Turnout, and Get Out: Dog Days

by Jim Boldt

Here we are. The Dog Days. These warm August days, the last before schools starts, is the time of inattention and unfortunately our state primary election. Primary turnout: Latest numbers from the Secretary of State’s office show a statewide turnout of 37% and elections officials only have 42,000 ballots to count. King County is still More »

The Obese Female Sang

by Mchael Coffey

What a session! But don’t tell yourself it changed the course of government. It wasn’t a tectonic shift, more like a crack in the veneer.

Washington Has Long History Of Legislators Going Their Own Way So Where Were Hobbs and Hatfield?

by Washington State Wire

Whether the bipartisan budget moves our state in the right direction and the minimal reforms squeezed by this coalition actual can be categorized as “reform” will need time and test to prove. But one thing is certain. This was not a Roadkill move. Like it or not, this was a courage move. It is very lonely when a member takes this type of drastic action. Washington State Senators had the courage to do what they thought was best for the state. For all the talk and all the chatter, where were Hobbs and Hatfield? What good is it all if you can not walk the talk?

They Run To The Right: Stand Up Sit Down, But What’s Their Plight?

by Washington State Wire

So, Tuesday’s huge. I know if you’re in Olympia begging for that appropriation, or hoping your bill gets on the calendar you aren’t really focused on next Tuesday. But if you take a minute and look, you are going to see if Newt has anything left in the tank, why Santorum called last night a “victory” (I guess it’s relative in some way, some how???), and if Romeny, the east coast establishment Republican is going to get to take that goofy left-side, lopsided hairdo of his on the road against the a cheerful Obama.

I-502: 5 Nanograms: Thou Dost Protest Too Much

by Washington State Wire

I was about ready to respond to a comment on one of my previous posts about I-502 when I came across Dominic Holden’s review of the study touted by opponents. I had read the section about active THC levels, but Holden nails it in his Stranger post shown here below.

Bottom line? Their dog won’t hunt. It is more and more apparent that the medical-pot folks’ only motive and argument against I-502 is that they will lose business.

Check it out.

New Groups Formed to Play In The I-502 Battle. Pro and Con Groups Just The Beginning?

by Washington State Wire

Dr. Jerry Crunch, (a retired Naval flight surgeon ) announced today that a state association of snack food producers has been formed to support the passage of I-502, Washington’s pot legalization initiative. Citizens For A Tasty State (C-FATS) will file necessary papers with Washington PDC early next week.

Medical Pot Folks To Oppose Pot Legalization. Territory, Scope of Practice, or Should We Just Follow The Money Through The Monopoly?

by Washington State Wire

Sorry, but the medical pot folk’s opposition to I-502 does not pass the snicker test. As reported in the Seattle Stranger Slog blog the medical pot folks explain it this way…”the group’s (medical pot folks) primary gripe with I-502, as explained by Martinelli, is that drivers who are first stopped with probable cause, then are found to be impaired, and finally taken to a lab or hospital and found with 5 nanograms of active THC per milliliter of blood would have no further court defense. They say Initiative 502 goes too far in creating strict felony DUI penalties for people with 5 nanograms of active THC per milliliter of blood, and although it would require testing in laboratories or hospitals, they fear that the state could develop roadside tests to nab high drivers.”

A Guest Email Post: Stand Back Seattle

by Washington State Wire

This is an informal email I received from an acquaintance of mine. Jonesy, as we call him, is a good guy but as you can see has his opinions. I thought, with his permission, I would post it up this Friday. I asked him if he cared. I can’t repeat the whole answer but the translation is F— No! Post it. He added that “Real people don’t read your s— anyway.”